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“Perfect” I trusted have gotten a rigorous replica of old sailing. “It was hard because I had to continue the work of my uncle and had to faithfully reproduce the old parts,” Freddy acknowledged when asked if he had been an arduous restoration work. This artist of the wood expects the boat owner tell him to finish the project, “there are still blasting and some more things and inside that is half achieved, and if the owner requires it I am willing.”

Two revivals.

According to historical data provided by those responsible for the restoration, “Bella Lucia” was a coasting schooner built in Las Palmas in the shipyards of San Telmo and entry into service in 1881. Since then it was dedicated to navigation between islands and the carriage of goods and passengers with Venezuela and other destinations directly related to migration and trade canary. This part of the story was faithfully reflected in the film “Guarapo”, whose filming was active. He was also devoted to cabotage as nursery boat between the Canaries and Cape Blanco.
It was the mid-50s when a temporary made southern aground in Lanzarote, facing the old fish dock and since then became direct history of the Canaries. Rocar company bought and restored in Arrecife with wood from other boats and carpenters evicted from the shore of our island. Since then he was a symbol of normal trade with Cape Blanco, the current Mauritania, as well as the activities of the thriving fishing industry Lanzarote. In the late 70’s “Bella Lucia” pes¬quera and leaves his business to devote himself to the new economy: tourism.
In the early 90s the boat, too tired to navigate without necessary care would invest in it to survive, began to agonize docked, the dock abandoned cemetery Esplanade Puerto Naos. Then, Maestro Tito, the shipwright of life came to César Manrique and this one was very clear. They could not allow an important part of the history of the Canary Islands and Lanzarote were to pi¬que like so many others. César Manrique mobilized all means and bodies that want to ignore during the same day. He finally got it with all the means at its disposal by the City Council, which reflotaran and vararan workshop next to Tito to the Master “Bella Lucia”, giving at least a lifespan. Soon the support of guard Juan Francisco Rosa came and Maestro Tito could begin their work of restoration, although not able to finish. Certainly yesterday’s ceremony was the greatest tribute that everyone who wanted to could give, finally see the “Bella Lucia” cutting the blue sea.

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