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‘Bella Lucia’ has waited over ten years to return to sea. Yesterday the schooner was launched after several years of restoration. Several hundred people were present at the launch and they enjoyed a party from midday until the afternoon.

‘Bella Lucia’ returned to the scene as the great star, with great expectation. It appeared in the film ‘Guarapo’, filmed in the Canary Islands and its history is a reflection on the future of the archipelago. It was built in the shipyards of San Telmo in 1881, in Las Palmas, it spent its first years as a goods boat between the islands, and between the Canary Island and Africa. In the middle of the last century a storm swept it to the coasts of Lanzarote, where it has remained since then. The Rocar bought and restored the boat with the remains of other boats, and the schooner continued its fishing and trade activities between Lanzarote and Cabo Blanco. Later it was a tourist boat, making trips along the coast of Lanzarote and the island of Lobos, among other destinations. The new activity did not work and the boat was abandoned in Puerto Naos. Later Juan Francisco Rosa, a businessman of Lanzarote, acquired the boat and he decided to restore it with the help of the shipwright Maestro Tito. When Maestro Tito dead, his nephew Freddy and a group of collaborators attended the project and yesterday they completed their work partially, because it lacks the inside, but they will finish their work in Marina Rubicón, where they also will add the masts to the boat ( the biggest weighs over 2.500Kg).

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