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CANARY. Contemplating “La Bella Lucia” implies remember a time when the smell of tar overlapped with the sound of sails billowing in the wind and the creaking of the timbers beaten by the open sea. So far the weather was very different from today. Trips can mediate days and weather was just a fledgling science of intuition que_dependía navigator, and the scale of the barometer. The sextant oriented to: seaside during the day, while the company’s North Star was the best he could hope for shelter in the middle of the ocean when the silence of the morning overwhelmed his senses.

“La Bella Lucia,” one of the last representatives of a stage of navigation generations only, roe can imagine through the dream of literature or film recreation, you will still feel the impact of the waves on the port bow due to the affection of the inhabitants of the island of Lanzarote, which have escaped the beating of the oblivion desarbole their gear and send it to the sea of ​​decay.

This beautiful schooner was dumped in 1881 in Las Palmas. His story is a summary of the history of navigation in the Archipelago and his presence among us is a praise the good work of the shipyards of San Telmo of the capital of Gran Canaria. Since its launch, “La Bella Lucia ‘sailing between islands wing was dedicated. In addition, it carried thousands of emigrants Venezuela Archipelago who wanted to start in the New World a new life paying the high price of abandoning their land for a dream.

The unique relationship between, people of Lanzarote and “La Bella Luisa” began in the mid-50s of last century. For a moment, the patron saint of sailors who had named the shipyard where it was conceived, seemed to leave their fate to the schooner after 70 years of faithful service to his crew. “La Bella Lucia” suffered the scourge of a temporary from the south that made aground in the hutch Island, opposite an old port of Arrecife fish.

However, a company called Rocar acquired the ship and restored with timber from other ships evicted were not lucky enough to “LaBella Lucia.” The good work of the artisans of Arrecife allowed to live a second youth schooner linking the islands with Cabo Blanco, today Mauritania, as a nursery for the boat once flourishing fishing industry in Lanzarote.
In the late 70s, with almost a century of history, “La Bella Lucia ‘was bought by businessmen adventurers who loved to spend too much in advance what was going to be the new source of income for the Canaries: tourism.

Agony and wonder:

Unfortunately the business did not succeed and “The BellaLucia” began to languish abandoned at anchor in its history on a pier of Puerto Naos. It was the beginning of the 90s and only a miracle of San Telmo, the patron saint of sailors, could prevent the keel of the old schooner rest on the bottom of the harbor.

The miracle came incarnated in Maestro Tito, a carpenter who had devoted his life to rejuvenate and arbolar wooden boats. This craftsman watched from his workshop how the waterline “La Bella Lucia ‘was every day closer to the sea surface and decided to act.

Maestro Tito went to another romantic like him, César Manrique. The artist began a crusade to save the schooner finally getting the Cabildo of Lanzarote become involved in the work of refloating “La Bella Lucia” to beach it along to the workshop of Maestro Tito. But miracles do not understand budgets and Maestro Tito found a boat that filled his dock and no money to restore life. A new actor comes on stage at the moment Juan Francisco Rosa, a lover entrepreneur heritage of the hutch island, bought “La Bella Lucia” and made available to the Maestro Tito means to carry out its restoration work.

With the disbursement of over one million euros, the carpenter could dump all his knowledge to heal the wounds that time had inflicted on his helmet. But a year before completing his work, the heart of Maestro Tito stood orphaning sheds hutch island. They were his son and his nephew, heirs of the family tradition; finally they topped the restoration work.

On June 4, at three in the afternoon, Cloth “Ia Bella Lucia” will swell proudly at Pier Reef Varadero. 123 years after its launch, the bow of the schooner will head out to sea to reach the hearts of the people of Lanzarote, who receive resurrected as a legacy of art and effort Maestro Tito Juan Francisco Rosa sailboat.


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